Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wine, glorious wine.

Beer. How I wish I liked beer. It comes in handy portable bottles. And is acceptable as an afternoon bevy for no apparent reason. And it's cheap

But no. I'm a wino. You have to pour it in to a glass which results in picnic awkwardness, more dishes, needs to be cold or tastes gross. I can drink some ciders but they're normally expensive over here in the land of oz. I found a local one cheap on tap. Unfortunately it did not agree with me and I've hardly touched cider since out of association. Shame.

White and Rose are my chosen wino tipples. Unfortunately none of the Rose I like can ever be found in the fridge anywhere. So I always end up on white. as there is never forward planning. Just a need for wine then and there.

Although I did buy some from a wino girl once from the Andrew Peace winery in Swan Hill. We temped together. And I bought cheap wine. Yey!

Red can be nice. But I can never drink it 'straight'. I always add a splash of lemonade to dilute it slightly. Strange I know. But t'is the only way it works for me.

I'm sure all of us who drink wine can agree though that the worst wine with the worst reputation has to be the Chardonnay. Even as I say it in my head it sounds like some chav calling for their poorly named daughter. If you know eastenders then think about the way Bianca always called for Ricky. Now imagine her screaming Chardonnay. Get the picture? That's what I hear in my head. EVERY time.

And here it is being... Marketed? Marketed is the word. As an ACDC endorsed product... I'm not sure who's idea it was. Are they even wine drinkers?! Did they grow or at least own the vines? Or did they just see it as a way to adding to their Australian side? Or did they just get a shedload of money from someone who couldn't sell their Chardonnay..,?

I'm not sure I have the balls to try it.
Chardonnay is the wine of the younger (perhaps illegally drinking) generation. Or at least it was when I was a younger (illegally drinking) teenager.

I don't know how far afield you can buy this. But if any of you want some and can't find it in tesco's - try your local wine importer and special request it. He may look at you like an illeducated heathen. But at least you'll get to feel like one free your first bottle :o

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