Thursday, 20 October 2011

Empty envelope syndrome

Two days ago I came home to mail. As pictured you can see it's a good sized stiff brown envelope.

I was excited.

My mail has progressively become less and less from the UK. And more and more Australian. Like bills, reminder bills, loyalty card statements and the like. Dull stuff I'm sure you'll agree.

So a hand written envelope alone is a sign of good things. Let alone one from the UK.

From the postbox I walked all the way back to our unit wondering who it could be, what could be in it. Etc etc. Blah blah blah. So I excitedly opened it up... And nothing. Empty. Nada.

In my mind churned a thought - Customs. But no. There was no customs letters or leaflets. I've had those before so know what to expect. And no customs sticker on the envelope either. Hmmm... So then I decided - secret panel. And no again. I ripped all along the cardboard backing in hope of finding two cardboard sheets. But no.

Just an empty envelope.

But I love my empty envelope. Even if it is now in the recycling bin. Because i now know what it should have had in it. :)

Thank you D for my empty envelope. It occupied a whole 5 minutes of my brain. And distracted me from the dull mail.

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