Friday, 21 October 2011

The socks in shoes issue

I'm on a public train taking photos of the girl across from me. Her shoes to be exact. My apologies for being a train perv! But as you can tell the photography is crap so she probably didn't notice. I hope.

Anyhoo a scandal is ever present amongst Aussie women. They wear socks under shoes. It's not everyone. But there's quite a few who do. And I can see about 4 of them from where I'm sat.

I understand that the shoes need something. That's what pop socks and tights were made for. But socks?

No darlin. You do not look fashionable. You re not a trendsetter. And you look daft. These particular socks are all bobbled and greying from being washed too much.

When would you wake up and decide to put socks on underneath shoes?!

Am I mad? Are the people of England doing this too?

PP - I know you're guilty of this! See the error of your ways and repent! Repent!

If you're just popping out to the car/bin etc then grabbing the first pair of shoes is always gonna happen. And it is forgiven if you're already wearing socks. Don't try it with flip flops though. Very uncomfortable and you may trip over like me.

So take a good look at the photo and ask yourself - do you know someone that does this? Could an intervention help? Do they know any better?

Help these people. They need our help!

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