Sunday, 3 April 2011


Yum. It may be cooler. And we may have to eat indoors. But our new spit attachment for the BBQ is fab.

This was yet another fandangled gadget that will never be used were my first thoughts when Liam first talked about it. Fortunately it was an online purchase that delivered to the door. So I had no opportunity to be in a shop stropping.

Liam then dropped it in to the butchers on Thursday and They layered it up. 50% chicken. 50% lamb. And seasoned it for us too. Yum.

The best thing about any dinner/BBQ are the left overs. And we still have potato salad (my mums recipe) and lamb in the fridge. So a disgustingly large roll stuffed with both the lamb and potato salad is definitely called for this evening.

May I suggest that the whole world invests in a good spit attachment for their bbq's. You'll never look back.

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