Thursday, 31 March 2011

Anniversary yumminess

Today is the 6 year anniversary of me and lime.

I'm hoping he doesn't check the blog and see this pic. But he hasn't in the year we've lived here so I'm pretty safe.

But here is a munchy pic of cupcakes I have bought to compliment the yummy dinner lime will be cooking me this evening. We have snapper for the BBQ. Yum.

Although not as extravagant as the cupcakes lime bought us for valentines which had towers of marshmallows, Oreos and chocolate curls. These are so much yummier.

I miss the cupcake shop in covent garden. The size of those babies could make you diabetic over night!

We actually forgot our 5 year anniversary when we first moved over here. So I should ask for a present I reckon. But I'm not in to too much commercial crap for such things (lime isn't allowed to buy me flowers on valentines - but has been known to buy them the day before). Although I do like a good present. And lime hasn't actually bought me flowers in a rather long time...

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