Tuesday, 12 April 2011

From the beach towel

I hadn't been to Sydney since 2003. After leaving sonj with the mcdonnells I flew back for a few days before the return flight to the uk.

So when Liam said he was off there with work and did I want a ticket - how could I say no. It was a similar agreement to the Madrid trip for his work Liam reminded me "don't expect to see me. I'll be working the whole time. I can't guarantee I'll be there for dinner..." etc etc blah blah blah.

I'll be in Sydney. Why would I care?!

As much as I am fond of Melbourne, it lacks a certain something. And Sydney has that. I pottered around art galleries. Walked EvERYWHERE. Took a stroll along the coast between Bondi and Bronte. The opera house. The botanical gardens. 2 different westfields (and I only bought 1 cardigan). Over the bridge (several times). Under the bridge (a few times). I sunbathed. I burnt. I slept. I walked some more. And saw Annie Liebowitz's photo exhibition (NOT coming to melbourne - this is one of the things Melbourne lacks). And caught up with The fabulous Hollie and her new baby Mitchell. When I say baby I do mean a 4 legged friend. Which is a baby once you're over the age of 30! There was more to the weekend but the list is endless. My feets are recovering. But fortunately not one blister!

I forgot how much I loved Sydney. Although I don't know if I could live there permanently. But it is a bit more culturally 'big city' than Melbourne. And I do miss pottering around the Tate on a free afternoon with a coffee...

I think we should go to Sydney more often...

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