Thursday, 14 April 2011

The most expensive brekky ever

Hotels are known for ripping us off at breakfast. Continental ends up being a few dry looking rolls and a basket of obscure jams and maybe some honey or vegemite. It's easier to just head for a local cafe. And the coffee will be better too.

But if you're in a strange exotic land for too long then you may just miss a home comfort or two. And so appears the most expensive brekky cereal ever! Actually I'm sure there are others. But for a small box of familiarity it's pretty pricey. My Alpen.

I've seen it a few times, calling my name across the aisle when I'm picking up my uncle toby's oats (ready brek) but I've always resisted. And even when I went to check out the English shop downtown a box sat there next to the weetabix and they both called out to me in their newly acquired posh accents (that's what happens to cereal when it's given a high price tag). Yes, I still resisted.

In these exotic lands there are no crunchy nut clusters, no alpen, a strange weetabix cousin called weetbix (NOT the same), and other strange foods. sometimes we have to suck it up and fork out for the posh, imported stuffs.

Let me assure you though my alpen was worth every cent. And I may buy some more... And some weetabix too while I'm at it :o)

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