Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Coffee makes the world go round

Some of you may disagree but coffee really does make the world go round. It powers the hamsters running round the balls inside the earths crust - obviously.

I know that some of you believe cigarettes, alcohol, music or even love may turn it. But no. Still definitely coffee.

Two Fridays ago Liam called me at work "I want to buy a coffee machine". The conversation continued briefly with Liam telling me which one, how much, what it does, blah blah blah. I ignored this as whimsical.

Saturday morning he takes a tired hormonal me to Harvey Norman's a furniture and electrical goods superstore if you will near to us. The tired and hormonal part of me really should have been fed and watered before being taken on such a stressful trip. Lime know better usually...

The second we walk in we are met by stefania the Italian commission loving coffee drinking coffee machine connoisseur. Who annoys the hell out of me as she won't let lime and I just Look the damned machines. Emotional breakdown almost ready - lime saves the day and gets rid of her.

As I have never even considered a coffee machine (I have my ikea plunger - the world is a happy place) the shelves are overwhelming. With way too many choices. Have you actually seen the twenty million types of coffee machine on offer?! The only thin I could agree to was the cup warmer. And lime didn't buy the cup warmer.

Part irritated at my part emotion part frustration driven strop lime took me elsewhere. He kept looking at this brand which I was 99% sure had an outlet store near our place. I was right. And we saved $500! So stroppy unreasonable girlfriend saved us money.

I hoped with my efforts saving us a ridiculously large bundle of money that he would sponsor a trip to the shoe outlets next door. As I've been very well behaved and haven't been there since Clare's visit (2 pairs of shoes were bought that time and Clare bought boots). But no. No sponsored shopping trip. Ah well. At least we now have fabulous coffee!

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