Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Kate spade handbag circa 2001

2001 was a glorious year. Donna and I turned 21. And we headed to New York to celebrate surviving so long in to our 'adult' life.

Randomly on street corners there were these fabulous striped bags on sale by dodgy looking people. Although sooo tempted, I behaved. I restrained myself to just one handbag - a Tommy Hilfiger bag from Macy's. I still have that bag.

Funny story - my mum once looked at my Hilfiger bag and told me it was a bad fake. She was of course likening it to a Burberry bag. And yes, IF it was trying to be Burberry then it IS a very bad fake.

So back to the fabulous striped bag that I had non-buyers remorse over. That very summer in the UK Kate Spade landed on our shores with her fabulous striped bag collection in tow. Woe is me for not buying the rip off from a street corner of the big apple. That striped bag was frickin HUGE that year. And of course the real thing was out of my price range.

I sated myself with the fact I now owned some Kenneth Cole stuff for mere pennies from Century 21. But oh that striped bag...

My vision of owning some Kate Spade dwindled. I can't even remember seeing her on a shelf anywhere. But a fabulous thing has occurred - she designed a kindle cover perfect for my 6" kindle.

It's not a stripey handbag. And i cant directly attach a fabulous story to it's purchase or history (well - I have here) But it uses some of those stripes colours in 5 lovely letters. Hello.

I have already started the mass download of all free books on to my kindle. And I am sure that all of Socrates books will enlighten me on my train to work when I'm not playing with my iPhone.

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