Friday, 16 April 2010

What we shall call "interception"

So the bbq being held tomorrow is being held for two reasons.

1. Liam's return
2. Otto's birthday (Eoin/Otto = same person btw)

So as a birthday party; and a 30th at that, we were going to use some childhood photos...

Having spoken to several people Patty suggested some golden ones where Eoin looked like a leprauchan and Elaine and I tasked their mum to dig out the photo's. Oh the plans we had with those photo's... An embarrassing pic on top of a birthday cake (otto doesn't do cake though) giant blown up posters everywhere - including out front where he wouldn't even know. there were many many ideas. all embarrassing.

I was advised by my legal counsel (Liam) that this would be a declaration of war no matter how innocently humorous the intention so it was though of some more and debated whether it was a good idea after all.

And then came the phone call that their dad would drop them round when in the area (yesterday). so more thoughts on how big they should be blown up. posters were unfortunately now out of the question because of the lead times involved, and if we'd wanted the cake that would have been a few more days lead time. so the only option was semi large prints at about 20". laminated perhaps?

All day we wondered what time he would drop them round. And then Eoin came home... the first words out of his lips "interception!".

Their dad had left them on the front porch as Eoin had left for work (no car in drive) and it was still about 7am so he didn't want to wake us up. Alas, Eoin is famous for never being really ready to leave for anywhere so he shortly after came back home for something and found the god damned envelope of photos!!

Interception = No embarrassing photo's for Otto's BBQ. Maybe next year...

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