Friday, 30 April 2010

The cup family

For weeks my inability to find kitchen scales has frustrated me!
Hoping to make banana cake was like thinking I could pop round the
corner and have a cuppa with my mum - hi mum!
So the Melbourne girlies questionned my complete lack of domestic
godessness and eyebrows were raised when I had no idea how to use
But I bit the bullet. And while foraging in the local corner shop with
Elaine for hang over breakfast material I found cups!
And even a conversion table for grams to tablespoon measurements!
So tonight I'm attempting wholewheat banana, choc chip and pecan
I will let you know how the cups go...
But on a plus wholesome Australian wise i have used Australian owned
made and grown for everything but the choc chips! As the cocoa was
imported then made into chips here!!
x x

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