Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dark Wood Flooring - Heaven or Hell?

today i bring to you, not the news of any more kanga banga's or roo steaks but the debate on dark wood flooring.

i like dark wood flooring. it has good and bad points. like when the landlady's lover came to seal the cracks in the walls of our bedroom he moved a draw unit and it gouged the floor so we now have some lines that are no longer dark wood. a tragedy as Eoin has spent two years keeping these floors immaculate.

bad points with dark flooring - how can you see scary spiders when they blend with the floor...

with any country, when the cold weather comes, in comes the creepy crawlies looking for someones warm shoes to climb into. and as the nights are now colder (i wore a long sleeved vest out yersterday it's that cold...) the spiders are coming...

I will hear liam running around bumping into things and when i ask what he's doing he just tells me "you don't want to know". He's right. i didn't. But i now know.

the kitchen is fake tile lanolin so that is where we find the spiders. we all know that spiders don't tend to run around open plan kitchens so the though of how many are running around the rest of the dark floored house versus the ones we do see....

Although the thought petrifies me of these things running under my feet in the lounge, under my bed while i sleep....

my decision on dark wood flooring is quite a simple one... ignorance is bliss. if i saw all the spiders everywhere i would have a nervous breakdown. i know this. liam knows this. which is why he tells me to move rather quickly sometimes as he doesn't want me to see the proximity in which the giant black monster akin to a tarantula (slight exaggeration i know) is running around the floor.

but with ignorance it's bliss.  a tip for you all - never walk round a dark floored house in winter with no shoes on. it's your flip flops/slippers or your skin that gets two fangs in. and i know which i'd prefer!!


  1. I can understand your pain - although to be fair, my troubles are cuased by tiny weeny spiders that mean me no harm.. whereas your spiders are a little different x x x

    Looking forward to more updates on "what to dow, ho to be" (that's how a I read it until I put the space in the right place!)

  2. it's a play on my need for employment but where... and as what... or who?

    spiders bad. but no real nasty ones yet. just big black house spiders. yuk.