Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Kanga Banga's!

so in the supermarket the other day Liam and i are innocently pondering what to have for dinner when we find a fridge full of meat...

Roo-steaks and Kanga-Bangas! at the time i passed on the idea as all i could think of was fluffly bouncing animals and the theme tune to skippy ran through my head like a broken record over and over again until we settled on Lamb chops. then i thought of wales...

but today we did it... we had Roo-Steak. quite nice actually. very melt in the mouth and yet very hard to cook through. they like to be rare me thinks. either that or eoin's pan had a guilt trip frying up skippy... they had drenched it in a sauce that was rather salty to the point the inside of my mouth started wrinkling. but i'll forgive them.

next week Kanga Banga's!!

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