Thursday, 24 November 2011

Suncream suncream everywhere...

Sunburn sucks. My two worst sunburns are as follows:

1 - Germany, ski trip in the early 90's. Blisters on my nose, ears and mouth. Painful stuff. Kerri, Tish and I ate our dinner through straws for a week. Laughing hurt, imagine being afraid of smiling in case you pop a blister. And we missed several good snow days - boo hiss!

2 - christmas day 2002, Bondi beach. It was rainy, it was chilly and there were clouds. Who knew?! My ass was a beautiful tomato shade of red. And the only thing that eased the pain was pressing my arse cheeks against a cold wall. An attractive sight eh!

There have been other sunburns. But those were the worst by far.

Now don't get me wrong. I am all for protecting my skin. Cancer is bad. Burns hurt etc. But... I want options.

In the land of high UV and hot hot summers (not to mention tragic bushfires like the controlled burn off in WA which is now out of control and burning down houses) it is obviously more important to observe sunscreen directions.

But I would also like to get a tan a well. As someone who plays with their sunscreen levels dependent on day and activity I like to have a variety of spf's on the shelf for varying areas, tan levels etc. Alas Ausland does not want to allow me that choice. SPF 30 that is my choice. And only one unless I want to cover myself in oily Hawaiian tropic every day.

I can buy sunscreen in aerosols, spray bottles, keyring options, giant vats, zinc, roll on, gel, cream, milk, squirt, spray and pump. But only in SPF 30.

I realize this promotes general usage of a high SPF. And I also understand that the UV is higher here. But seriously? Factor 30 or nothing?

I can kind of understand why there is so much vitamin D deficiency in this country. SPF 30, work and school hats are obligatory by law for the young uns and for any outdoor work. People forget they need 10 mins a day - arms and legs to top up their supply.

In my unemployment you would think I would be browner than brown already. But no. I am actually at an he where I get bored with lying around. And the UV makes it difficult to read a book.

I guess I shouldn't whinge too much - seeing how we now have sunshine and the UK has winter... Enjoy!

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