Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I heart stubby holders

If you'd asked me a few years ago what a stubby holder was I would have stared at you blankly, then perhaps asked what a stubby was that it needed a holder.

These days I know it's an insulator for beer stubby bottles. I don't however know why the hell you would call a beer bottle a stubby...

Anyhoo, it's 2009. We are at a fabulous wedding in Palm Cove, think palm tree lined beach, a tropical private island just off shore, beautiful sunny weather, an amazingly gorgeous bride, the grooms alright (for a man in a suit), a free bar and then stubby holders. Stubby holders with the bride and groom as stick figures on the side with the date of their wedding.

In the UK it would I feel be deemed as tacky. But here, in the land of 'keep my beer cold and I'll love you forever' they were perfect. So there were our first two stubby holders.

To be honest I had never used them. Not once. Then frandangles and Neil came to stay and they came out of hiding for a wee little BBQ we had. But as a non beer drinker I had never used them myself. And the fact someone asked me if we had any stubby holders took me by surprise!

Then last month - another wedding, and our third stubby holder (there would have been a fourth too I'd it weren't for stubby holder pilferers!).

I have now decided that everyone who gets married HAS to contribute to my stubby holder collection. And yes - if Lime ever makes an honest woman out of me I too shall share stubby holders with the world!

Although I still don't drink beer - my cans of sprite fit the stubby holders! Ingenious! I wonder if they make wine bottles size ones with a big long straw...

Now I'm pretty sure they have held cans all along - but not having grown up with stubby holders how was I to know?!

So Bel, Sonj - if you're reading this - stubby holders please. As you're likely to be my next two weddings. Then on an unemployed 30 degree day like today I can sup on my sprite zero in my teeny courtyard and reminisce over your weddings.

Now go forth all and buy stubby holders! Your hand won't get cold from holding your bottle too long. And your bottle will be colder longer!

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  1. Hey, mate! We love stubby holders here in Australia. In fact, we were the ones to call it stubby holders. In many countries particularly in US, it's not even known as stubby holder but a koozie.