Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Should we learn from our mistakes?

Last new year I had an unidentified bite. It was assumed spider, as mossies itch and swell but don't tend to burn and have multiple rings of swelling. And I had been gardening pulling out the bushes our front in just flopflops and shorts.

So the next time I went on a gardening mission I had wellies (gumboots in ausland) my trackies tucked in to my wellies and a long sleeve tshirt. It was warm and yukky. But given the sleepless nights and suffering from the bite it was completely necessary.

So today, in my unemployment, I do some gardening. Again. But, in my skirt (short) and sandals. Oops.

Many things scratched me. But at no point did I feel a 'bite'. Alas, there was one...

In the picture, the top left, darker bite was the first mozzie of the season from a BBQ last weekend. Just the one fortunately. it has been rather bruised but is on it's way out.

The bottom right blotch is the beginning of yet another unidentified gardening related bite. At the moment it's like any mozzie bite, itchy and tingly. And I hope that it stays like that. But now the thought of going through the burny itchiness of last new year is running through my head.

Why or how did I forget the lessons of last summers gardening?! How do we forget such bloody important things?!

Why does ausland NEED so many biting terrors?! New Zealand doesn't have any. A lot of the rest of the worlds insects and crawlies survive without biting people to death. And if they didn't bite so much I'd probably allow the little bastards to stay in my garden!

I need a job to keep me safe from myself!!

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