Monday, 3 January 2011

Caterpillar Clare

Happy new years people!

For new year here we went trotting down to Purnim. A town with a rather small population in the vicinity of Warrnambool. As ms Kate And mr Billy have a shiny new house built and as a house warming they were having a new years party.

It has to be one of the more unique house parties or even new years parties I've ever been to. With a path of fairy lights leading to the dance floor set up under the trees with disco lighting and sound system along with an abandoned vehicle sprayed gold. Oh the things you can get up to in your very own trees on your very own 2 1/2 acre property. Alas we didn't see the resident koala - probably kept away by the teeny tiny bit of noise that the sound system produced. But we did hear froggies singing and when up the next morning discovered some had never even been asleep!

But Clare snug as a bug in her sleeping bag in our dorm room was quite a picture.

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