Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I have always hated new years resolutions. If you're gonna do something do it. Don't wait until the start of a new year to try it out! Is it not best to already have started whatever it is you want to accomplish then aim to spend an entire year continuing this?

So I joined a gym a few weeks back... Between feeling a bit rough, moving into our own place, and like today; forgetting my damn trainers... My commitment levels have been much to be desired. I NEED the gym. If I want to continue to eat as much as I do now going forward then I need to balance it out with exercise. Recent photo's on Facebook have even reminded me of the unsightly arm flab that has appeared in the past year...

And right there is a piece of my jigsaw I call my motivation!!

1- arm flab
2- bikini holiday in October with liams friends (there is nothing worse than semi-friends seeing you at your least dressed and not at your best)
3- my love for food - especially dessert...
4- it will get rather warm in summer and fattiness = sweatiness. Noice
5- For any clothing alterations it is easier to cut bits off than add things on!! Or shrink enough to fit into them in the first place...

And there is my motivation. Alas today in the absence of my trainers I will finish off my gym drinks bottle at my desk. As it has a tendency to leak if you neglect it and don't take it to the gym.

May I suggest for all of you with broken NYE resolutions. Give them a go again now. As long as you lick um by christmas then next years continuance will be a breeze and they won't all be broken... Again...

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