Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Shipping arriving - friend or foe?

Today was a joyous day.

I woke up to Liam having collected the post and a small package had my name on it! This package had a fabulous content. Some rather funky socks. And a fabulous box of lindt choccies! What a great start to
shipping arrival day! Chocolate for breakfast much to liam's disapproval!!

After a long schlep round the city we went to storage and paid, filled in all the oh so exciting paperwork and then walked to the furthest cafe from the storage up the hill and sat down for coffee and cake.

The second it was about to be delivered to the table the god damned delivery drivers called. Instead of giving us notice they were already at the storage place at the furthest end of town from us!

Anyhoo. Love the shipping. I'm currently wrapped in my warmest and dearest dressing gown but oh the pain...

So let's see how it scores:

Shipping as friend...
                             - shoes! I have so much choice now
                             - warm clothes! It is winter...
                             - more clothes!!
                             - having stuff. That can do stuff. Such as hair curlers.
Shipping as foe...
                             -bad back
                             - pulled muscle in hip
                             - no room for more clothes
                             - broken nails
                             - bruised fingers from pressing objects into tape
                                while attempting to open boxes.

That's 5 to 4. Shipping is therefore officially foe. Anyone who disagrees can pay for me to see a physio!!
Oh and have attached pic of first boxes off the truck as I was just so darned excited at first!!

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