Thursday, 6 May 2010

The great tea debate

Tea. I love a good cup of tea. And a biscuit. Preferrably a choccie

The tea in oz is debatable. I myself periodically for the past decade
have sent Yorkshire tea over for Helena. And I was advised to bring
tea with me when we moved here but anyone who saw my luggage would
appreciate there was no was that was gonna happen!!

But I disagree with the general consensus of there being bad tea.
Admittedly it's slightly weaker but then you just buy the one I have
(as in pic) or a good English brekky like twinings and you get a fab

The water is different bug nicer. No limescale scum or build up.

So I say Aussie tea is fine and dandy and those fussy pesky tea
drinkers need to reassess their tea snobbery!!

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