Friday, 14 May 2010

Mmmmm chocolate...

I don't think this pic does justice. But this is my goody draw!!

I have approx 7 packets of hobnobs in a variety of milk and dark choc.
Large milka, Lindt, dairy milk and caramel bars along with a large
assortment of smaller bars and a couple of fun size packs poured in
along with some mini toblerone. A couple of Percy pigs and friends and
a variety of mo ster munch, french fries, wotsits, maltesers and

I hope I didn't forget anything!!

Thank you to my sponsors the marsh family, miss Barbary and miss foley-
Cooper. Your humanitarian work for the sanity of an English girl in
Australia will not go unnoticed and you have all been entered for the
Nobel peace prize.

Yum. And thankyou.

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