Sunday, 17 June 2012

NOT what you think.

So our long Queens Birthday weekend saw Lime and I popping up to the folks on the mountain for lunch with the siblings, niece and nephew.

And it was a lovely day, albeit a bit cold. And I got a big ol bag of free clothes too! Maternity clothes.

Let me clarify now. I am NOT pregnant. We are not planning on popping out babies this year. This year we are focusing on saving to buy a house for me to potter about and paint walls and try my hand at tiling (Liam doesn't like this tiling idea as he thinks I'll fluff it and they'll all be wonky. Where is the trust?!). And of course potter in the garden.

I had planned on trying all the clothes on with a pillow just to wind Lime up. But then he was also quite keen to strap a pillow to his belly and try some on as well... So I figured safer to just put them all away!!

But no. NOT PREGNANT. Unlike someone else I know in the UK...

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