Thursday, 7 June 2012


Yesterday and Tuesday I finally caught up on jubilee madness. (I recorded some of it on my super duper new set top box that I can pause live tv on - which I realize most of you already have but that's not the point as this is about me and the wonder that is pausing live tv to make a cuppa then fast forwarding through the ad breaks.)

And I found this picture that makes me think of the Queen as a proper granny. Which I realize she has been for 30 years or so. But still. Now she looks like a proper granny. And she's wearing a fabulous hat which isn't granny ish.

Please feel free to share (via FB or anywhere else) fabulous pictures of your jubilee shenanigans. I have none. As I didn't take photos of myself on the couch. Bah humbug Australia for not having shenanigans! Bah humbug!

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