Friday, 13 January 2012

Government politics

Someone wants me to apply for a job. They want me. The company policy is citizens only. Boo!

But the director; Yes I said Director, of the Melbourne side of the company gave me a HR chicks number who can bypass that. Alas, I still need a date of when I will receive at least my permanent residency...

Quick few points for some of you -

Being married to Lime before we left or now - I STILL would have been a temporary resident as I am now. It's policy. Its sucky. But it's policy.

I could have a baby tomorrow and if Lime dumped me I could STILL be denied permanent residency. Probably not, but it could happen.

Citizenship is not permanent residency.

Citizenship involves having had 4 years of residency, an exam, an interview and a silly ceremony where you're given an aussie native plant (and a pretty certificate).

Citizenship also then involves jury service and legally enforced voting, along with a pretty blue passport.

So back to the company I'm working for... It's the Australian Government.

So... The government want to give me a job. But the government want permanent residency status. But the government won't give that to me yet. Hmmm.... It's confusing and irritating and annoying ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Aarghh!!! God damned different government departments not scratching each others backs!!

I felt very deflated - like our tyre on Christmas Eve. How do tyres know the worst time to be flat? Or how did the nail pick our tyre out of all the other tyres on a road somewhere to attack?!

On a plus note Clare Babs has fabulous new job. Yey for Clare!!!

I'm jealous (I will also reply to your email soon!) ;o)

Happy Weekend! x

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