Friday, 11 February 2011

Yummy yummy in my tummy

On of my favourite things about ausland - the food.

On the other hand - a decent chippy's chips smothered in vinegar would be fabulous. But the fish part of fish and chips they do quite well.

I hardly touched Japanese in the uk. Although I'm assured my my British colleagues that it was more expensive. And yet here it is everywhere. From a cheap fast food joint to a sit down restaurant. They cover all possible options.

I have become more and more hooked on our local Japanese's bento box. Admittedly with my fussy eating Liam still gets a certain portion of my food to eat. But waste not want not etc.

I had a fabulous Vietnamese dinner on the way to ikea the other night. And the multitude of good pies from bakeries yum.

The produce in supermarkets is generally seasonal. So you can't buy some fruits all year round (more so now with 90% of Aussie banana plants wiped out). So it all fresher and yummier. But with an ever growing price tag... The deli counter can disappoint. Liam misses the garlic chicken slices mum used to get from tescos. And I miss a good black pepper salami it peppered turkey. But I'm sure we'll survive.

If any of you have a local Japanese restaurant that you've never bothered with yet - get your arse in there and pick up a bento box. Yum.

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