Wednesday, 2 February 2011


The other weekend we went away to dave and fi's golf/beach house. This was the road trip that cost me my first Aussie speeding fine. But that's another story.

Their house is in the seaside town of Torquay. Now I have never been to torquay in the UK but I imagine it's similar. Sunshine, surfers, sand. And ice cream. Maybe less sunshine than the Aussie version.

Fi took me to her favorite ice-cream place while the boys played golf. Nordenfines - I think it was called. And it truly was absolutely lovely with extra lovely on top. I can't remember the exact flavours I had. But I hadn't been so impressed since my first experience of Baskin Robbins in 1991. And then my first Ben and jerry's pot (pfisch food) in the early 00's.

Alas with all good things it is only a locally made and locally sold sort. So unheard of and never seen in Melbourne. But if they ever sold a franchise... Yum.

We have a shop near us called cold rock which could be quite successful in the uk if you had longer summers. They again make their own icecream. Except they make it super creamy so you can have things 'smashed' into it. Things such as Oreo cookies, jelly snakes, nerds, timtams, thus creating a blended ice cream. I like baileys or cookies and cream with the Oreos. But another alas - needing the ability to smush things into their ice cream they have ruined the simple scoop in a cone as all the ice cream is super creamy and it just dilutes the flavour.

With the weather having stayed in the high 30's and on the 40 mark the past week I can see myself undoing all my good gym work with an ice cream addiction this summer. As there are many many more places I need to 'try'...

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