Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A non picnic at hanging rock

Alas - I forgot to take a pic with my I phone. But yesterday Clare and I went on a mini adventure to hanging rock.

Clare has yet to be enlightened by the film 'picnic at hanging rock' but none the less with the first dry day so far we took off on mini road trip.

I really really liked hanging rock. I was warned it was smaller than you expect it to be. Which could be true. If you stuck to the marked pathways as suggested. I'm not a marked pathways kind of girl though. And luckily neither is Clare so we climbed all over and between the rocks and saw some spectacular views that way.

While walking around the rock we also spotted my first wild koala. This was after startling a wild kangaroo, several bunny rabbits and avoiding any snake contact. I was very excited about the koala. And the woman in the cafe told us there were only 2-3 koalas in the whole reserve. So out chances of spotting one were pretty damn slim!

Then we followed up out mini adventure with fresh baked Devonshire scones and a pot of tea by the riverside. Perfick.

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