Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Overtime/Melbourne Cup Day

Ooh the decisions to be made as a temp... Do you work a public holiday that the state you live in has for a load of horses or do you have the day off meaning zero pay but a day off even though you're not planning on going to see the horseys this year... Hmmm...

Oh and they're offering double time - choice made!

So today I have worked a half day in the 49 floors of tumbleweed towers in the middle of ghost town. Two of us got off the train at my stop 8am this morning. TWO of us. Apparently not many Aussies choose to work today. As was evident by every coffee provider on the way to work being shut. Along with my building being all locked up and like fort Knox to get into.
My desperation was finally calmed when a fellow office temp had the good foresight to call us when he passed an open coffee shop!! Words can not express the happiness and relief felt by the 3 of us already in the office... Suffice to say 20 mins later we were all coffee in hand. Crap coffee. But we all know what desperation can do to us...

As I have always felt like a muppet taking a photo from our floor window in the presence of others i took ghost town day as the perfect opp to not feel like a muppet

So here is the view from the 32nd floor in-between the rain this morning.

Oh and fingers crossed a horse called Zavite wins this afternoon as I'll win $70 in the office!!

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