Monday, 15 November 2010

A brick wall and 2 spiders

Welcome... To the 33rd floor. My home or the next month until another floor move. And if I'm still stuck here in about 3 months then there's yet another move... Yey!?!

So from a beautiful view of the cbd I now have a view of a brick wall... Seriously... As photo'd... A brick wall. 33 floors up.

There's also spiders. On the outside of the window but it makes you wonder what the hell a spider did to get 33 floor up...?

It was slightly concerning on Friday as with the heavy wind and torrential rain the glass actually appeared to wobble. Seriously?! I know it's physics and blah blah that it's not actually wobbling... But at 33 floors up you don't want a window to pop out... That means the spiders could get in... ;o)

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