Wednesday, 10 October 2012

In the 80's...

In the 80's I probably didn't pay attention to the fact that Australia even existed. If I even knew of its existence who knows. But what I do know is I got my first perfume in the 80's.

My dad bought my sister and I small bottles of perfume. For valentines or for a random present I am not entirely sure. But it was my first perfume. It came in a small blue velvet bag with silver drawstrings and written in silver on the bag 'Panache'. (I still have the little blue bag - no I am not a hoarder - yes I am sentimental)

I have looked for it over the years but being a pre Internet product I could never find a trace. Until... I pottered around a shop at lunch with my friend Jen yesterday. And Ta-dah! There it was. Even a gift set was available!

I did spray some on the back of my hand being unsure as to what it even smelt like. And.... It smelt very 80's... For the bargain price of $4.95 I am sure there are many ladies somewhat older than me that enjoy wearing Panache on a daily basis. But I think for this decade I will give it a miss...

But if you do see it out there in the world. Have a sniff.

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