Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's 'that' time of year...

The other day I looked on Facebook and someone had mocked Donna's status which had the amount of days left til Christmas. Blasphemy!!

I'm not used to the seasonal divide just yet. But as summer draws to an end in the UK then the christmas countdown naturally begins.

Here in Ausland there are crocus and daffodils sprouting out here there and everywhere. The sun has started shining, the rain has started dwindling, and the heating is not being used as much. These things usually mean spring cleaning to me. But now they must also signify the start of the Christmas countdown.

And to start my Christmas countdown the most important job of course - cake making. With my mums cake recipe. But of course slightly altered with my own touch (prunes - trust me - they're a winner).

Many ask why so early - well you uneducated non Christmas cake bakers - any good crimbo cake needs 'feeding'. Fortnightly feedings of brandy to keep it moist and make it yummier. I snuck a few tablespoons of Limes cognac to start it off today - shhh don't tell him!!

And once we get closer to Christmas then I'm smothering it in marzipan and icing. Yum - marzipan....

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