Thursday, 21 July 2011


I  currently have about a dozen polka dots. Giant ones. Covering my back, stomach and shoulders.

Is it a rash? A rare disease? Has lime been beating me?! No. I have been 'cupped'.  (please note - no relation to bring cupcaked). 

Can you remember a few years ago when Gwynny Paltrow turned up to some red carpet shindig with similar polka dots peeking out from her dress and made international news? Well same thing. I also had a few acupuncture pins stuck in to me. Which between my memories of a film Michael Keaton once did, the trailer for the latest addition to the Final Destination franchise, and my own fear of needles I was rather apprehentious about. 

Surprisingly although they look like perfect round bruises they don't feel sore at all. Unfortunately the 'spooning' and the 'pinch therapy' were not so gentle and I have some freaky bruises from them!! Who decided rubbing a spoon up and down someone back was good?!   Strange people. The cupping was relaxing though at least. 

And the end result of my cupping, spoon violation of a pin pricked appointment... I have a damp spleen. Of course. My spleen is soggy. And my lungs aren't removing the dampness. Silly lungs. Surely I should have known this?! 

But just in case any of you with odd ailments are reading this - pop along to a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic today and get your polka dot pattern. I may jest. But there's some sense behind their oddness... Or just go for the pure curiosity of alternative treatments.  

I'm warned the bruises will last a week.... Good job it's a rugged up winter here in Melbourne! 

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