Monday, 28 June 2010

Public transport hell!

Some of you will have seen the FB status comments. Some of you will have experienced it yourself. But Melbourne public transport system is lacking to say the least. Supposedly it has been worse since the latest crowd took over. But i can't compare. It's just dire.

They have overhead powerlines so drunken idiots can't electrocute themselves. And it also means wet leaves aren't a problem- yey!!! But it leaves it open to psycho's running down the trainlines as happened to on my way home one day while busting for the loo!!! It was touch and go for a while...

Last week; Another week in my temping life in soul sucking office. Thursday was the first day I got to work on time! Fortunately they're all about flexible working. Then on the way home the goddamned trainline closed. I was booted off my train at a manned station which had suddenly become unmanned and train after train pulled in and did the same thing. I'm not quite that street savvy here as yet that I know what buses or route to start walking... Thank god for the i-phone and google maps!! And thank god I wore my boots with the smaller heel!!

I got home near 8pm.

In the morning the trains will also be randomly cut. They'll normally run about 15 mins late and sometimes miss our station altogether. As obviously it would be soooooo time consuming stopping where you're scheduled to.

The good thing though - I need never run or rush. I aim to get there at a set time but don't rely on the train times and therefore am never stressed as there's just nothing anyone can do to fix this mess!! Except after 40 mins of waiting I may get a teensy bit stressed..

And I didn't even get to discuss the buses yet...

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